«Liek hiin stäk sin tÿ»

1. Theath the Cat and No Theath Paquito
2. Anie kamÿn drospk
3. Droken insiin
4. Liek hiin stäk sin tÿ

Composed and produced by ihä. Artwork and design by Ignacio MF. Typography by Gonzalo MF. ihä is Ignacio Moreno Fluxà (programming).

Released on 8 December 2012 (digital) and 8 November 2014 (CDr) by Ce chemin est le bon.


He Miss Road:
«The nice thing about Liek hiin stäk sin tÿ lies precisely in the feelings which it can generate. It is then key to conclude that rather than the individual strength of each track, what makes Liek hiin stäk sin tÿ worthy is the work as a whole. As is generally the case, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.»