"(...) On Ironía, Fluxá infuses his sound with both very subtle, cyclical melodies and throbbing noise.
(...) Fluxá’s brilliance is in somehow infusing the minimalist nature of the sound with emotional power.
(...) This is experimental music designed with passion at its heart. Some may not get it, that is the nature of experimental music, but for those that will get it, it’s a soulful journey. There is a kind of spiritual quality to it, from ecstasy to agony and back again, it breathes with life in all its subtlety and grandeur."
—Jeff Fitzgerald

"(...) Ironía stands out for being an exhibition of a minimalism that is taken to a degree of rousing simplicity, especially for achieving, with almost no complexity, an emotional expressivity that wanders through different states, with a relaxed naturalness, always by means of a minimal, but sincere technical exercise.
(...) ihä flows with calmness and conviction, with subtle nuances within the simplicity.
(...) In a nutshell, Ironía is an album that has the merit of sustaining an original, own character, even if the drone/ambient timbre and inclination are unavoidable."
—Michel Leroy
"(...) You might not believe in it, but it's clearly the sound of heaven that we get served over here.
(...) it happens that the artist has captured the beautiful and calm satisfying sound of the afterlife after the after-life. It’s like heaven but behind the curtains of it all; something in which the panicky of realizing that we have passed on has faded, and only light can be felt and heard to make us body-less souls into feel good spirits.
(...) The music that brings this journey of a flight the best atmosphere is dense, warm and very fitting. See you all later in the sounds of the after life after the after-life!"
Yeah I Know It Sucks

"(...) [Ironía is] a record that swings between equilibrium and chaos (...) Whether wandering through a simple guitar riff once and again in 'Contra toda dictadura' or exploring the strength and expansion of sound in 'Destrucción creadora,' the intention to experiment is clear. Along with projects such as The Mugris or A Full Cosmic Sound, ihä represents the other face of new Chilean sounds, less popular in the press, but whose ideas are worth by their own weight. (...)"